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About 5Mindz Technolabs

5Mindz Technolabs Briefly

The company story

The company story

Though it feels like yesterday, our journey began ten years ago. The day is fresh in our memories. The zeal and beliefs that we shared then under our venture, Gatistvam, stand still even today. It began with a team of 4, but today we are going great guns with 50+ technoids, analysts, designers, project managers, content writers and more. We are enthusiastic about pressing the paddle and boosting our presence with 5Mindz Technolabs PVT. LTD, with 5x power.

Company vision

Company vision

Assessing the power at which we’re paddling today, the future certainly is bigger and better! What we see is the futuristic websites we developed in the 2020s are just setting trends and gathering mass attention. Sounds exaggerating? Well, we bet you’ll agree in the end!

We are the

tomorrow’s digital landscape

While we are a bunch of modern, tech-savvy folks, we’re also equally rooted in our cultural essence. So we don’t solely believe that innovation transforms the world; rather, the innate power to innovate within us does. We imbibe this driving force into all our tech ventures, personal lives, and beyond. 5Mindz Technolabs, hence, propels to empower businesses rather than build them.

Our classical old-school values

Zero tolerance integrity

You may be the best client, team member, or member associated with our lives. Integrity failure is unacceptable at 5Mindz Technolabs.

Skills above degree

There are two sources of learning. One is the books, and the second is experience. Both are valid on our premises.

Timeliness is goodliness

We leave no stone unturned to ensure that time is met, whether it is deliveries, deployments, demos or just a quick call.

Life in all: Living or Non-living

We nurture everything within our boundaries with love and care because we believe that even a desk in our place has a soul that reciprocates our energies.

Our Team

  • Gautam Parmar


  • Pruthviraj Zala


  • Shachi Parmar

    Business Enabler

  • Nidhi Pandit

    HR Head

  • Mehul Vekariya

    Project Head

  • Tarun Patel

    Technical Head