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Dynamic Website - Types, Features and Advantage of Dynamic Website

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April 01, 2023
what is a dynamic website

Websites have continued to evolve to enhance experiences for businesses and customers. The technological leaps and bounds have certainly helped make a significant impact on creating a memorable customer experience.

Today, a site is optimized for viewing on any device–be it your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. In fact, with the increasing usage of intelligent assistants, dynamic page now also have a built-in voice search feature to make them more user-friendly. However, among all these upgrades, dynamic website development is one of the most valuable features since it fetches and gives data to the users real-time.

What is a Dynamic Website?

Dynamic websites are the ones that keep changing the content or page layout with each request from the user to the web server. Unlike static website, dynamic websites fetch run-time data with each request. This inherent real-time data fetching and providing it to the user makes a website dynamic and not static sites.

Now that we know what a dynamic website is let’s understand the types.

Types of Dynamic Websites

There are mainly two types of programming in dynamic website development. One being client-side and the other is related to server. Let’s take a look at Client-side scripting.

Client-side Scripting

Client-side scripting basically refers to programming language like JavaScript, which are executed on the user’s web browser. These scripts make a webpage more dynamic by enabling it to respond to user input. It interacts with the page without the user having to reload it.

Server-side Scripting

Conversely, server-side scripting refers to programming languages like Ruby, PHP, and Python. These are executed on the web server. These scripts are then used to generate dynamic content for the web page sent to the user's web browser. Tasks like user authentication, database queries, form handling, and submissions are examples of server-side scripting.

Both types of scripting are essential in dynamic website development since there will always be a client and a web server between whom the queries and transactions will take place.

Features of Dynamic Website

A dynamic website can be easily updated and changed, providing various features that make them more engaging than static websites. Some of these features are as follows:

Database driven content

A dynamic websites stores data in databases. This enables easy searching, filtering, and information sorting.

CMS (Content Management System)

A dynamic websites is governed by a CMS, which lets users easily edit, delete and modify data on the website.

Interactive elements

One can add engaging elements like forms, QnAs, trivia, etc., to the web pages. This makes the website more interactive and exciting.


Depending on their location and browsing history, such websites can be personalized for users.


This kind of websites are easily viewable on mobile phones, tablets, laptops, or other devices.

Preferred for e-commerce store

A dynamic websites can be used to sell and buy products online by integrating a payment system, shopping carts, and inventory management.


Dynamic websites are easily scalable. They accommodate increased traffic and enable the integration of new plugins and features as the website grows.

Now that we know what dynamic websites offers, let’s take a look at its advantages.

Advantages of dynamic websites

The advantages of a dynamic websites are numerous. We’ve listed a few of them below.

  • Since this website is very user-friendly, users can easily make changes to the website.
  • A content management system having a database for all elements makes the website easy to maintain.
  • They give off a professional and elevated look as compared to static websites.
  • It's easy to update information on the website.
  • It offers an interactive and responsive experience to the users.

Dynamic Website Example

There are endless examples of dynamic websites today on the internet like Amazon, Facebook, Airbnb, and Spotify. Other than these, all e-commerce sites, calendars, to-do sites, and any website with information that needs regular updation are all examples of dynamic websites.


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